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Inspired by new technologies and the global brands associated with them, visionary developer Thomas Binggeli came up with a uniquely innovative e-bike, the Stromer. The Stromer name was established in 2009, bringing with it a dedication to build quality, user-friendliness, and performance. Located just outside of Bern, Switzerland, it’s only natural that Stromer would create a seamlessly-integrated E-Bike with both the highest level of performance, and a sleek, modern design. Stromer utilizes a quiet, efficient, low maintenance brushless rear-wheel motor and houses the battery the downtube. On paper there may not be much difference, but one ride on a Stromer and the attention to detail set Stromer clearly in a league of its own.

Stromer bikes feature a wide range of high-quality pedal-assist electric bikes built to get riders in the saddle more often, and out of their cars. Models the like Stromer ST5 are the pinnacle of electric bike technology, with an 850 watt rear-mounted motor assist, cell phone integration via Bluetooth with full customization, and a substantial 110 mile range. On the other side of the spectrum, the Stromer ST1 offers the bare essentials of what makes a Stromer a premier pedal-assist electric bike: a smooth rear wheel motor, smart frame design, and the option for integrated lights and fenders. Though there are many electric bikes on the market, Stromer continues to lead the charge toward the future.

Stromer ST5

Driven by Perfection

In the world of pedal-assist electric bikes, Stromer is the cream of the crop thanks to their focus on making high-quality bikes that not only push the envelope on refinement and performance, they provide a level of user-friendliness that exceeds that of most other brands on the market. The Stromer ST5 pedal-assist electric bike features the latest and greatest in e-bike technology. With an 850 watt rear wheel motor that pumps out 48 Nm of torque, the Stromer OMNI app for fully integrated connectivity, and a range of up to 110 miles, the Stromer ST5 is geared to be the very best of the best electric bikes on the market.

The Stromer ST5 starts life with the Syno Sport rear wheel motor, which is the most powerful motor Stromer have developed yet. This motor offers up to 48 Nm of torque to bring the bike up to speed quickly, while it’s unprecedented 850 watt max capacity ensures that it’s 28 mph max speed is easily maintained. Unlike the popular Bosch and Yamaha center drive motors, the Syno Sport motor has no gears, moving parts, or brushes, making the bike incredibly durable and quiet. The frame geometry is tuned for 27.5 inch wheels as opposed to the 26 inch wheels that Stromer normally equips; paired to high-performance tires developed with Pirelli specifically for this bike, it offers higher performance and even better ride quality.

The user-friendliness of the Stromer ST5 isn’t solely from how fast it goes, or how efficient it’s motor is; it is the level of connectivity between the rider and bike that make Stromer so unique. Stromer has developed the Omni app, which allows users to remotely check battery charge, service intervals, and even tune the motor from their phones. The OMNI app also allows the ability to configure what’s called Theft Mode. If the bike is moved, the rear motor locks up and renders the bike unusable, while alerting the rider of the incident via text message. It also features GPS tracking, allowing users to keep track of their bike in the city, whether they forgot it or their Stromer was stolen.

The Stromer ST5 pedal-assist electric bike is the very best that Stromer has to offer in integration, user-friendliness, and outright power. Few bikes can match it’s combination of abilities, while even fewer bikes outright offer the ability to change their lifestyles

Stromer ST2 & Stromer ST2S

High Performance for the Practical Cyclist

One of the biggest advancements in user-friendliness and technology in the e-bike world is in the  Stromer ST2, and Stromer ST2S, which takes Stromer’s integrated approach to new levels.  The ST2 features refined aesthetics, a more powerful motor, a brand-new series of advanced batteries, and a Bluetooth connected digital display that is tied to a user-friendly phone app.

While Stromer caps the ST2 at 28mph (due to legal reasons), the new SYNO Drive brushless motor offers greater torque, meaning riders can get up to speed faster, and accelerate up steep hills with ease. This is thanks to its SYNO motor, which is capable of up to 40 Nm of torque. In conjunction with the OMNI computer, the motor is also capable of regenerative braking, which recoups energy on descents when the rear brake is pulled. Combined with the carbon fiber fork, the Sromer ST2 and ST2S are impressively zippy, surprisingly smooth, and on the bleeding edge of technology.

Stromer’s new, proprietary batteries are bigger and more efficient than before, with the largest 983Wh battery allowing the ST2 to travel 110 miles on a single charge.  And charging has been made even easier, with a new, built-in charging port that smart-charges off a standard home outlet. The Stromer ST2S takes it up a notch over the ST2, equipping the bike with a Shimano XTR Di2 electronic drivetrain, the larger 983Wh battery, and upgraded tires.

The Stromer OMNI app is what is revolutionizing the E-Bike world.  Stromer’s unique app (there are versions available for both iPhone and Android) allows users to lock and unlock their bikes, record servicing, and log additional data, all from their cell phone. Wanting to keep an eye on the bike while you’re gone? The OMNI app also provides GPS tracking at any time, with the ability to keep track of the bike in the unfortunate event of it being stolen. Rounding out the premium complete build, Stromer includes highly-durable Schwalbe Big Ben (ST2) or Schwalbe Marathon Almotion (ST2) tires, built-in fenders and rear rack, and a Supernova E3 light system that generates 165 Lumens from its front headlight. The ST2 ups the light system to the Supernova M99 Pro, which offers a 1600 lumen automotive-certified high beam.

Stromer ST1 & ST1X

The Swiss Driving Experience

The Stromer ST1 and Stromer ST1X make up the bread and butter of the Stromer pedal-assist electric bike line. Both offer the the complete Stromer experience: a durable and powerful rear wheel motor that offers oodles of torque, motor customization. With the option to download the Stromer OMNI app to ensure that you are always connected to your e-bike. With anti-theft protection, geo-localization, overview of kilometers/miles ridden and other configuration options, everything can be accessed via your smartphone.

The Stromer ST1X blends many of the new technologies found in the ST2, in the classic body of the ST1.  While not quite as advanced as the ST2, the Stromer ST1X will offer nearly 90 miles of range, a powerful Cyro Drive motor, and the ST2’s top-tube-mounted digital display (complete with Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones).  The Stromer ST1 remains a classic in the line, offering superior handling and E-Bike technology in a more affordable package.  We’ve run ST1s at the shop for several years, with miles of fun and convenience.

Why Ride a Pedal-Assist Bike?

Stromer Has The Answer

Pedal-assist electric bikes may be commonplace in Europe, where they are used for transportation as much as they are for recreation, but these bikes are gaining traction in the United States by the day. Riders of all ages and backgrounds have embraced the versatility of a pedal-assist electric bike; on city bikes, electric assist means commuters who might otherwise climb in the car because they’re late can take their e-bike and still get to their destination on time. Above else, the electric bike means more bikes on the road, and less cars: what’s not to like?

There are so many times where someone might choose to drive their car, or heaven forbid, not ride their bike at all as opposed to riding around the city. The beauty of these bikes is how they encourage people to stretch out of their comfort zone. No longer is commuting by bike limited to the most hardcore; instead nearly anyone can enjoy the benefits and joy that comes with riding a bike more frequently. Find a hill that seems as daunting as the Stelvio Pass? A pedal-assist electric bike makes quick work of it. Need to cover a distance that normally leaves riders drenched in sweat once they reach their destination? These bikes leave riders refreshed and ready for whatever lies next.

While more and more bicycle manufacturers are pushing pedal-assist electric bikes as, people who criticize electric bikes claim that it’s the lazy way out. They perceive that these e-bikes are like mopeds, that person can hop and and the bike will take them anywhere. However, the key difference between a pedal-assist electric bike and a normal bike is that an electric bike takes the pedaling effort that the cyclists puts into the bike, and augments it. As said, this opens up cycling to all kinds of demographics that wouldn’t normally be able to ride a bicycle. Whether those people were limited by physical ability or time, a pedal-assist electric bike simply allows more people to ride bikes for pleasure or for errands.

Stromer feels that a quality pedal-assist electric bike can be as impactful as the car is when it comes to mobility. With the greater general usability of an e-bike, Stromer have come up with a few features to ensure that the bike is user-friendly, in the form of a phone app called Omni. While Omni allows users to remotely check battery charge, service intervals, and even tune the motor from their phones, the big advantage is their Theft mode. If the bike is moved, the rear motor locks up and renders the bike unuseable, while alerting the rider of the incident via text message. Suspect that the bike has been whisked away? Pull up the GPS tracking data from the bike and send it to the police. Stromer claims that so far there have been 40 thefts in the US, and that each time, bikes were quickly reunited with their property.

The easiest way to persuade critics of the merits of a pedal-assist electric bike is to simply let them ride one. Commuting becomes more fun and easier to do casually. More parts of the city become accessible on an electric bike, and more people are simply willing and able to hop on their bike instead of in their car.

With consideration, it becomes clear that pedal-assist electric bikes have serious benefits. Stromer, one of the premier e-bike brands, has made it easy to find an electric bike that works for your needs.

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