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Pedal-assist electric bikes are commonplace in Europe, being used both for recreation and transportation.  In the US, while E-Bikes use isn’t near that of Europe, we’ve seen a steady increase in interest and use.  We’re excited to see a wide range of riders, from young professionals to active retirees, overcome our car-centric society with the help of the latest in E-Bike technology from Stromer.  Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, it’s only natural that Stromer would create a seamlessly-integrated E-Bike with both the highest level of performance, and a sleek, modern design.  While Stromer is moving into its 8th year creating fully-integrated E-Bikes, nearly all other brands continue to use clunky bolt-on batteries, and off-the-shelf drive systems from brands like Bosch.  Stromer utilizes a quiet, efficient, low maintenance brushless rear-wheel motor, houses the battery the downtube.  These designs allow for miles of reliable riding and fast, confident, and stable handling. On paper there may not be much difference, but one ride on a Stromer and the attention to details (how the bike handles, the smoothness of the power, the digital integration, etc) set Stromer clearly in a league of its own.

Stromer’s approach to thorough and intentional design means development of new models is much longer than other bikes.  The Stromer ST1 has been a go-to in the Stromer line for several years, and continues on into 2017.  We’ve seen continued refinement of the bike, and its current state is perfect for commuting and most any on-road riding.  Stromer’s powerful batteries allow the ST1 to travel up to 60 miles on a charge, meaning it can easily go to and from work or the market, at least a few times, on a single charge.

Stromer ST2

The Ultimate E-Bike

Stromer ST2 Electric Bicycle

The biggest advancement in E-Bike technology we’ve seen recently is the Stromer ST2, which takes Stromer’s integrated approach to new levels.  The ST2 features refined aesthetics, a more powerful motor, a brand-new series of advanced batteries, and a Bluetooth connected digital display that is tied to a user-friendly phone app.  While Stromer caps the ST2 at 28mph (due to legal reasons), the new SYNO Drive brushless motor offers greater torque, meaning riders can get up to speed faster, and accelerate up steep hills with ease.  Stromer’s new, proprietary batteries are bigger and more efficient than before, with the largest 983Wh battery allowing the ST2 to travel 100 miles on a single charge.  And charging has been made even easier, with a new, built-in charging port that smart-charges off a standard home outlet. The Stromer OMNI app is what is revolutionizing the E-Bike world.  Stromer’s proprietary app (there are versions available for both iPhone and Android) allows users to lock and unlock their bikes, record servicing, and log additional data, all from their cell phone.  Rounding out the premium, complete build, Stromer includes highly-durable Schwalbe Big Ben tires, built-in fenders and rear rack, and a high-powered light system that generates 165 Lumens from its front headlight.

Stromer ST1 and ST1X

Stromer ST2 Electric Bicycle

Brand new for 2017 is the Stromer ST1X, which blends many of the new technologies found in the ST2, in the classic body of the ST1.  While not quite as advanced as the ST2, the Stromer ST1X will offer nearly 90 miles of range, a powerful Cyro Drive motor, and the ST2’s top-tube-mounted digital display (complete with Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones).  The Stromer ST1 remains a classic in the line, offering superior handling and E-Bike technology in a more affordable package.  We’ve run ST1s at the shop for several years, with miles of fun and convenience.

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Stromer continues to advance the practicality, usability, and riding characteristics of E-Bikes, and Contender Bicycles is proud to promote their quality product and bike-centric lifestyle.  We have numerous Stromers in-stock, most of which are available for extended test rides.  Many of us at Contender have put serious miles on Stromer E-Bikes – if you have any questions, please give us a shout at the shop, or shoot us an email at